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Wholesaler / Distributor / Retailer / Bulk buyers

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9thRoute is a new age Fast sourcing platform. We do the heavy lifting of finding the Latest/Top selling products in World's top ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Design and Develop them, so that you can order your products in a week.

Fast Sourcing
Design ready, made to manufacture

Better Margins
Increase your sales & revenue margins

Deals & Promotions
On products Direct discount , deals and wholesale price by brands

How 9thRoute sourcing benefits

Direct Route

No Commission


We work together


Sample Order

Order Samples customised to your specifications. Order & Track.

Console with All Features

Console to manage, view Deals & Promotions including wholesale price and purchase to delivery

Access to Killer Deals & Wholesale Prices

You get access to Top selling products and trending fashion

Private Label Design to Delivery

Order & customize with our specialists for help with an order, customization, or design advice

Request Quote - RFQ

Ability to request quotations from multiple suppliers, based on your terms

Live Tracking, Order products and shipping

Currently over 50 countries qualify for express international shipping.


    9thRoute provides Super Fast turnaround times (In-stock, Deals, Promotions, etc) which is the required norm in most ecommerce places like Amazon, etc. 9thRoute connects you with Verified, Production ready (order from top selling designs) and vetted manufacturers, only the ones who can provide. We Pre-Plan Design and other steps so you get your products fast.
  • Top Traded items in your category of your choice.
  • On all of these products which are fast moving, you can expect to generate 20-70% margin which is also based upon the volume
  • Direct discount, deals and wholesale price as directed by brands
  • Direct collaboration tools to interact with buyers for manufacturers.
  • Track design, order, delivery through our Buyer platform.
  • 9throute is the direct route that reaches out to you on behalf of the manufacturers.
  • You don’t have to pay any commission to us.
  • You get personalized support specific to your categories.
  • We don’t just offer advisory service we actually work with your team.

Sourcing has been traditionally painstaking process, with manual process like call/email, meeting, involved. 9thRoute solves the current issues faced at the Supplier and process end, along with providing the buyer complete visibility and access to make sure the order happens. By managing the backend operations, including Inventory, Replenishment, Order, Supplier updates, delivery schedules through a robust new age technology platform, we are digitizing sourcing for buyers..

9throute Rules:

  • No scams and zero tolerance on unruly behavior, ethnicity or racial discrimination of any kind. Remove any negative words in any communication.
  • The queries on store are directly handled by our team of experts at 9throute. Should you have any queries related to production, quality, logistics or any other concerns limited to our services and work by our manufacturers. Feel free to mail at Send Mail
  • Proceed with caution when dealing with suppliers internationally.

9throute provides a range of safety features to help you. They include:.

  • 9TR verified Manufacturers & related parties – these are legitimate companies whom you should deal with directly through 9throute, this ensures we maintain a NCTA guarantee pertaining to the quality.
  • On-site verification from 9throute team.
  • Any assessment be It product or service is directly assured by the 9throute team through NO COST TRADE ASSURANCE.
  • 9THroute direct merchandisers help you maintain satisfaction history and comfort level.
  • For tracking purpose we do provide capability of real time factory update / feed provided directly by 9throute team.
  • Logistics – Through our tie ups with DHL, FEDEX, UPS through our company account.

Apart from the technology reach , Yes we do provide sourcing and manufacturing services as required, but currently available in certain categories only. Feel free to connect us at Send Mail. We have a well dedicated team of our in-house merchandiser partners will make sure it happens the right way ‘your way’.

Our uniqueness of our solution, we strive to meet customer demands in a timely, cost-effective manner and by providing customized solutions to address your trade related issues.

At 9troute Store we take care of our business partners needs from customized products to personalization till the packaging level. We are happy to service you at the highest level of dedication and timeliness as required of us. Of course for achieving this goal, a well dedicated team of our in-house merchandiser partners will make sure it happens the right way ‘your way’.

Of course rest are process steps that requires your support:.

  • STEP 1 - Selecting Design. : Design and Innovation requires understanding market trends & creating that perfect hot selling products that will help you reach your vision across your listings site.
  • Step 2 – What you plan to do? Buy Wholesale | Customized Manufacturing. : Once you have selected the appropriate product design from our range of samples available , you have two options available either Buy Bulk | or go for Customized manufacturing depending on your time availability.
  • Step 3 – Raw Material & Quality. : For bulk buy or for customized manufacturing , each process goes through a series of test that is applicable for your product. We check for inconsistencies and give final touches that makes it ready for your warehouse / store / office.
  • Step 4 - Track Shipment. : We understand your anxiety about your final products, of course we are too. We try to maintain adherence by updating your about each step till delivery if there is a manufacturing involved.
  • “In-Stock” Products. : Select from our range of items of manufacturers for direct sale. Perfect for Distributors / Traders / Retailers who want products at the earliest. In-Stock customization depends on the manufacturer, do check for the same while placing an order.
  • Pre-order Sample. : Selective products with new niche designs are launched targeting a select few , if you want to be part of the same, feel free to Pre-order. We guarantee the excitement of getting something that is different and stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Deals@3 : Deals are just a one time offer that we run everyday open on ‘First come first Basis”. Make sure to subscribe or look out for our webpage every day. .
  • Coupons : Exclusive coupons from our Brands from Stores (Amazon, ebay, etc) or instore 9thRoute coupons